Best 90s creature features list

I like to think of them as B-Movies with a budget. Kind of like comfort food, probably not all that good for you -- but enjoyable all the same.
Death as Spectacle

Death as Spectacle

There's a form of speculative fiction that I've always had an odd sort of fascination with that explores the idea of death as a spectacle for an audience's entertainment.
Best Horror Novels

List of the Best Horror Novels

There’s no way I could write an exhaustive list of all the best horror novels ever written. But here’s my (rather eclectic) attempt at recommending some gooduns.
The Bachman Books

The Bachman Books

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Stephen King published a handful of novellas and novels under the pseudonym Richard Bachman
Best Zombie Weapons

What are the best weapons for surviving the zombie apocalypse?

Recently I've been thinking a fair amount about the best weapons for surviving the zombie apocalypse