Zombie Cat

Invasion of the Zombie mind control parasites

Mind control, zombie parasites, and Zombie sex puppeteers! The animal kingdom certainly has its fair share of zombie horror stories

Cannibal Shrimp!

Researchers have recently found a "zombie" parasite lurking among freshwater shrimp in Northern Ireland
Zombie Face

Should I use the word Zombie?

There’s a lot of zombie fiction out there, there’s a lot of zombie movies, and that leads to a lot of questions.

The Science behind the Undead

Without taking myself too seriously! I do want to present realistic zombies in my novel. I've collated a list of interesting Zombie articles for reference

Are Real Zombies Possible?

Scientists—Probably working in an extinct volcano somewhere, have recently been granted ethical permission to reactivate the brains of the dead
Best Zombie Weapons

What are the best weapons for surviving the zombie apocalypse?

Recently I've been thinking a fair amount about the best weapons for surviving the zombie apocalypse

Zombie Zoonosis

Viruses, parasites and fungi all make the species jump from animal to human on a regular basis – this is known as Zoonosis
Zombie Face

Zombie Corpses

I want to try and get back to that initial, visceral disgust and fear I felt the first time I ever saw a Zombie film.

Where Do Real Zombies Come from?

The origin of the present day zombie can actually trace its roots to Haitian Creole traditions, that in turn have their roots in African religious customs
The Rising

The Rising – Brian Keene

I’ve read a lot of zombie novels over the years but, The Rising is still one of my favourites and I reread it regularly.

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A List of the Best Zombie Books

A list of great zombie novels, for some reading inspiration. Some of them are pretty well known, like World War Z - while others are a little more obscure